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Today I have invited a guest blogger to post. This is largely because I have spent the last two days wrestling with incredibly tedious technical issues that I’m not at all sure I have solved – indeed I may have made them far worse.
I have come to regard myself as a sort of immigrant from the Olde Country of Pen and Ink trying to establish herself in the Brave New World of Blog. I don’t speak the language. I don’t understand the customs, I stumble around, confused, afraid, hungry (well, not literally but work with me here) hoping to find a place where I can raise my little family of words…

I haven’t had the time or energy to write anything interesting myself so I’m passing the buck.

Allow me to introduce my guest: One (aged 19 months) 

Bang bang!

I get up. I like sun! See sun peep over horizon! Only me see! All others quiet. Why? When there is light me like to jump big noise bang bang bang bang bye bye teddy bang bang.
Wake up girl you there sister bottle me throw bottle. I take off nappy myself I clever boy throw bang bang shriek louder shriek! Shriek!
Good. You all hear me. Joy! Joy! Happy for the day is sun! Shriek! Whoop!
Oh good, there is dadman. Whoop! Jump! Bangbangbangbang. I get bottle now cry just in case.
He bring me to mumlady in warm bed she nice and cuddly I drink bottle then jump on her head and smack in face hard ha ha ha ha very funny shriek whoop bang bang bang bang she love me tell me so a lot. I happy boy joy joy shriek whoop!

Girl get up. Pinch me. I cry boohoo sad hit her take her teddy run away put in toilet hide with mumlady she protect me. Oh look! Breakfast. Me like food eat toast fruit eggy strawberries good to throw at dadman. Spoon good to throw at dadman. Drink throw on floor ha ha whoop shriek! Bangbangbang.
Mumlady says word at me. I no say back. She say word again. I no say back. She say come on darling, say word. I no say back. I throw strawberry. Whoop shriek! She say to dadman he never going to talk, he have to work at supermarket.
I say “supermarket”
They look me did he say that? clap clap well done oh you clever boy say oh say again please clever boy
I no say back.
All done.

13 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Life through the eyes of a child is great….if only it could be that simple and straightforward all the time for grown ups! I might try throwing strawberries if I don’t get my own way! Great blog BTW and am enjoying catching up on some of your older posts.

  2. Jo says:

    That was definitely the blog that I needed to read this snowy Monday morning.
    Can you guest blogger write something for me too? Please??

  3. Very clever little guy “supermarket’ is a big word. Im sure you are set for great things, who needs to mess with the small stuff!

    Hey mummy, do you think you could send me your email address so I can send you your interview questions? (giggles, I almost sent them to another Lisa, lucky I noticed the two small kids) Nice to meet you by the way!

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  5. Oh my Lordy, you just made me laugh so hard I woke my baby up! Love your blog, just been pointed here by one of your regular readers, and I’m hooked!!

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