Amber Alert

No missing kids here, but we have progressed from the ‘red pan’ to the ‘amber pan’ which has a small aperture at the center so that Tabasco can learn to deposit his excess into the water rather than the litter.

This is the theory.

So far he’s sat on the edge of the seat, clearly wondering how to get his head inside the hole to have a drink.

I went out for a few hours this morning and when I got back he’d kicked a bit of the (flushable) litter into the hole so something has happened but it’s not clear what.   I’m dreading finding a poo on the floor or the toilet seat again, but as I’m not quite at the point where I’m going to physically teach him how to crap myself, I’m holding out for his great intelligence (??) to point his bottom in the right direction.

More later


2 thoughts on “Amber Alert

  1. I’m impressed with your dedication!
    I know a woman who trained her cat successfully this way. I was so amazed that I don’t even recall her name. To me she will always be “that woman who toilet trained her cat”.

    I’m wondering if it will work for geeky boy?!

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