Oh Sh*t

by Mothership on January 9, 2013

He has been very curious about the hole in the amber toilet seat and clearly very suspicious of the whole (hole) thing.

I’ve found him mewling in there a few times and scratching at the litter and peering into the water but finally tonight I found some droppings on the floor beside the commode (ugh) and him looking very puzzled by the entire thing, so gritted my teeth, got a piece of toilet paper and picked up the pieces, and put them into the water.
He was fascinated by this and immediately jumped up to have a look. Then, encouragingly, he scratched some litter on top of them and sort of moved his body around as if he was looking for a place to do a wee.

Then I did what I said I absolutely wasn’t going to do – I quickly positioned his legs so that his bum was in the right place and he weed right into the water!

It’s actually pathetic the enormous triumph I felt at hearing the little tinkling sound it made.

He seemed rather pleased with himself and scratched some more litter on top of it and then walked around the seat a few times before jumping down and cleaning himself.

Is this progress?

Please God, yes.

By the way, I am having a hilarious email correspondence with a PR person who insists she thinks I have a very well maintained blog (proof itself that she is not a regular reader) and is very keen to write something for me. I told her it was a personal blog and I didn’t have guest posts or promoted content but she insists that it will be ‘good for my readers’ to ‘know the value of the cartoon network’ and maybe she’d write something that pertains to my site, maybe something about kids.  I am considering writing to her asking if they have any cartoons about shitting cats, and if so, please write a piece on that and I’ll let her have a link for £50.

Seems fair?

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