Good news and the bad news

by Mothership on January 11, 2013

Bad news first: He did a giant wee on a freshly washed basket of laundry.


(at least I hadn’t folded it yet)

Good news: When I shut him in the loo for 10 minutes he used the amber pan for both kinds of elimination.

What am I to extract from this lesson? Don’t leave laundry lying around? Shut him in the loo until the little bastard is forced to crap? Give up like any normal person and accept that Husband is right and he’s going to be an indoor/outdoor cat anyway as soon as the weather is nice and the windows get opened on a regular basis?

I’m taking him for a rabies shot today, just in case.

But I’m still going to hide my clean laundry and persevere with the amber pan (they call me the amber gambler..)


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