Now that I’ve failed to potty train the cat, I can go back to more important projects like continuing with my novel.

I’ve been quite busy with that which is partly why I’ve neglected the blog so much for the past few months – there seems to be only so many words I have per day, unless you count:

“Five, can you please get dressed and come down to breakfast”

“Eight, can you stop reading, get dressed, and come down to breakfast”

because I say those words maybe 30 times PER MORNING and then I shout them another 30 times before I physically pull books out of people’s hands, shove underwear into them,  and make unpleasant threats involving the withholding of  sugar, electronics, and time with the kitten.

I’m not sure how I became that person. She’s quite horrible and so are her children.

Once they’re at school I can become that interesting, quiet woman who has to boil the kettle several times before making a pot of tea because she gets distracted by other tasks, and then, finally, with a pot of lapsang and my delicious ginger kitten, I can settle in to a few hours of writing my book.*

I don’t know when I’ll finish this book. I am not a speedy writer but I am a steady one, and the plot’s rather complicated, plus there’s a pictorial aspect to it I haven’t quite worked out yet, BUT. I will get there. I’m probably a third of the way through?

Sometimes when I tell people I’m writing a book they give me a funny  look, like I’ve told them I’m building a spaceship out of cardboard boxes and I’m planning on flying to the moon next week. Then they ask me what I ‘really’ do. Or who my publisher is. When I say I don’t have one yet, not looking right now because I’m not ready, and besides that isn’t really the point for me, the look often turns to pity (eg be nice to poor deluded lady, it’s either that, basket weaving or intense therapy for her to keep her off the streets, btw don’t let her have a gun).

I don’t struggle with this as much as I might have done in earlier years. I remember some folks being the same back when I was a young musician, singing in crappy wine bars, sequencing synths on my 1 meg Atari (ha!) and sending out (showing my age) demo tapes which nobody listened to or listened to, laughed, and threw in the bin. Then, when I finally got a record deal and some commercial success, suddenly I was a ‘real’ musician. As if during the struggling pot noodle years I was only pretending.

Of course it’s possible that this is all in my head – so much stuff is (I may need a larger drive to hold all the drivel thats accumulated over the years), but even if it is, I still have to live with it, manage it, and get it out the way so I can actually tell the story I’m trying to write. And it needs to be told.

I hope that whomever is left reading my little blog (all 4 of you?) will bear with me – I’m going to keep trying to post, even if it’s just about little things, and one day, there will be something more substantial, and more interesting to read.


* Unfortunately I also spend quite a bit of time reading the news, answering email and looking at Facebook, then feeling guilty about it and having to make another pot of tea because the first one went cold before I remembered to pour a cup.



11 thoughts on “writing

  1. Kudos for actually starting and continuing to write a book. I’ve started several but never got beyond the first three chapters. Boiling the kettle and looking at Facebook are HUGE distractions….

  2. Erika says:

    we’re still here. And because I tend to coffee in the morning and the machine needs time to get into the swing of things, I tend to lose track of exactly how long (30 mintues, 40?) it’s been on. Oops.

    And no, never quite understood the “you have to be in the public eye and making money to be a real artist/writer/musician/fill in the blank”. You are or you aren’t. Being able to make a living from it is something of a double-edged sword. I prefer to write for my own pleasure. But I love to read, so look forward to hearing when your book is out there!

  3. I am heartened that I am clearly not the only one who forgets their morning beverage, and also not the only one who likes just to write for its own sake. Thanks for being here, Erika.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Good for you! Sounds like great progress. You may have heard that I finished a draft end of summer. Unfortunately, it’s not very good. Now doing major rewrite. Cutting out the whole two people get murdered, solving the crimes, bit. Not sure how this is going to work out. But I’m sticking with it!

  5. Cindy bunny says:

    There’s more than 4 reading. Some just root for you in silence. That does sound stalker like. I promise you will not find me outside waiting to come in with the kitty!

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