Carnival Time!

I briefly considered doing something clever to kick off this British Mummy Bloggers carnival, but after the incredible rhyming couplets of MTJAM last time there was really only one way to go and that was for a despairing lie-down while I broodily contemplated my anticipated failure over a cup of tea and the remainder of Four’s Easter egg stash (shh!, don’t TELL on me!).

I brightened somewhat after reading my way through all of your fabulous posts, though and distracted myself from my lack of Shakespearean iambic pentameterbility by listing them all in an orderly fashion and linking them all up properly – Good Grief! It’s almost like… WORK! Reeling from the shock..

I encourage you to visit all of these fabulous blogs and add them to your blogroll.
Some will make you laugh out loud, some will make you weep, some will make you think about things you had not considered before, but all of them will enrich your day in some way. They are listed in the order they turned up, in case anyone is wondering, and the posts themselves are marked with an asterisk.

I’m being VERY UNSPORTING and highlighting my own post first. You don’t have to look at it, of course. The virus I’ve cleverly embedded which will detonate if you try to read any others before mine *might* not take over your hard drive and give you a nasty case of cystitis. It’s entirely up to you, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t look..  
MTFF: Inspiration Station

Muddling Along Mummy thinks that home births rock, but more importantly, we should all have the *right to choose where we give birth

MTJAM will have you literally wetting yourselves (kegels, anyone?) with her hilarious post *is there sex after babies? Warning: this piece contains uncomfortable visual imagery you may not be able to rid yourself of afterwards. I keep thinking about certain Harry Potter character’s clothes. That’s all I’m saying.

Cranky is the New Perky takes us on a fashion catwalk down memory lane as she does *Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Amy from And 1 more means Four is reminded of how it feels to be *17 again in this nostalgic, romantic post 

Cassandra at Jacob Wrestling is a girl after my own heart on the Easter Egg front as she explains in this post *Elephantine

Potty Mummy is puzzling over how her boys learned, without any outside lessons, to get so, well, boyish.. *Of Slugs and Snails

Little Mummy is getting ready to go on a Magical Trip to Disneyworld without her little one, and is feeling a little strange about it..

A Modern Mother thinks that she’s Losing It!  (don’t worry, Susanna, my entire wardrobe is like that)

Nappy Valley Girl has been skiing with her family and tells us *how to prepare for the slopes..or not

Over at Are we nearly there yet Mummy, Laura’s four year old grapples with *the word ‘wee’ & its multiple uses, and also loving tadpoles 

Nixd Minx  goes in search of a room with a view in *Ciao Ciao Bling Bling, Hello London

Cavemother ponderswhat apes can teach us, and if our babies would just learn to sit up, crawl and walk without hothousing?

Clare at It’s Not Just Me, Is It? has made some great new friends recently. And if you don’t really understand it, she tells us Twitter – it’s a girl thing

Guinea Pig Mum wrote this very moving and thoughtful post:   *On friends. I tried to write something to sum it up, but really, you should read her words. Beautiful.

Violet Posy gives us some  *Small Gardening tips – a thing of beauty and bevy of helpful hints, her blog is!

Maternal Tales takes her kids on a banyard outing and reflects on how different childbirth is for us: *Childbirth and Sheep Farms

Over at Alpha Mummy, Caitlin Moran brings us a hilarious piece on a *Weekend away from the kids with the kids.  I think that says it all.

Rebel Mother tells us a touching and informative story about autism – a must read:  *Ollys Tale

Amanda at Glamumous lends 10 Thrifty Style Tips for Mummies on a Budget

Sarah at SchoolGate is *feeling sad about her son starting school, even though it’s months away (I know how she feels, SOB! Four starts in the fall too)

Time Management Mum introduces us to an *ahem* intimate product we just can’t live without -or can we? *For the woman who has everything

At Raising Kids, Charlotte Moerman *Has a cunning idea this week

The very lovely Dulwich Divorcee muses over GBH and amour in *Puppy Love

Raving Mary temporarily loses her husband to his other lover – she’s*Tired of using technology

Mummy Do That tells us all about raising bilingual kids in *One child two languages   (my husband should read this! He’s FAILED with ours)

WAHM discusses *Parenting Choices, how we make, change and defend them in this intelligent and well thought out post. I wish all of mine had been good. Ahem.

Moments from Suburbia gets asked some VERY awkward questions about sex – *Well you did ask!

And last, but MOST DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, we have  daddy blogger (but honorary BritMumBlogger)

Tim Atkinson at Bringing Up Charlie with a CONTEST, so get on over there and WIN:  *Dead Giveaway

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  1. Wow, what a great reading list for the week ahead! I’m already hooked and have found even more wonderful mums to add to my RSS feeds. Thank you!

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